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Migraine pain relief padstow (02) 9723 135
Migraine therapist

Dr Andre Denize (OMD)

DR Andre Denize (Chinese medicine practitioner)

B.Sc Acupuncture – UTS Sydney 1995

Advanced Certification Acupuncture – Guangzhou China

Masters Diagnostic Radiography – Sydney University

Gentle acupuncture

Be headache pain free today!

Gentle specific acupressure combined with pain free acupuncture

Fast results

Helping the cause not just the symptoms, resulting in a long term solution even if you have suffered for years

AHPRA accredited practitioner. Experience matters - over 25 years

Health fund rebates available

Padstow Chiropractic : 4a Faraday RD Padstow

Other clinic practitioners include: Chiropractors Excercise physiologist Massage therapists Chinese medicine acupuncture cupping moxabustion auriculotherapy Patent and external herbals. Book Today: 9792 3135

Providing effective and fast relief for headaches and migraine.

Headaches and migraines are often caused by a combination of cervical vertebral issues and also by endocrine imbalance. Acupuncture and acupressure is very effective at restoring your body’s balance in relation to both of these problems, providing a long term solution by addressing the root cause rather than just masking the symptoms. Often 2-3 acupuncture sessions combined with gentle specific techniques can help bring about a rapid recovery to reduce the duration and intensity of your headache or migraine.



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